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WHY SEO IS IMPORTANT for your website?

Many businesses are skeptical about the value of investing in SEO, since they feel that it does not contribute that much to their profitability. But they don’t realize that getting high rankings in search engine results pages is as important these days as advertising using old-school methods such as putting ads in tri-media outlets, if not more important. If these business owners establish a web presence at all, they are content with simply putting up a website, mistakenly believing that people will somehow find it when they do their Google searches. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that there are millions of sites that are competing with their own for traffic, and unless they optimize their sites so that they would at least land on the first page of Google search results pages, the site might as well not exist.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from SEO:

• Increased visibility. When a potential customer does a search for a particular product or service and your business comes up in the top three rankings, they are more likely to take you seriously since the high ranking is a sign that your company is more relevant to their search. In addition, studies have shown that people are more likely to click on the top-ranked results and that most Internet users conducting searches are unlikely to go beyond the first page.

• Targeted traffic. Attracting a lot of visitors to your site will not, in itself, create more business opportunities. However, with SEO, you are more likely to have visitors who are genuinely looking for the particular product or service that you are offering. This means that you will probably enjoy more conversions through increased sales.

• Value for money. Compared with traditional forms of advertising such as placing ads on TV or newspapers, SEO is more affordable and brings a higher return on your investment. With an increasing number of people spending their time online rather than watching television or reading, you are more likely to reach the audience that is open to what you are selling. All you have to do is to convince them that you are the right company to meet their needs.


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