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SEO or search engine optimization is a series of techniques that are used to help websites get higher rankings on search engine results pages with the eventual goal of attracting more traffic. But SEO is not just about generating raw traffic but engaged visitors who are genuinely interested in what the site has to offer, in the hope that they would convert into paying customers.

The way SEO works is by optimizing certain elements of a website to make it more relevant to search engine bots when Internet users are conducting a search for a particular term. When an user conducts a search on Google, programs called bots troll websites for the terms they are using to search. These programs then collate the hits they get in terms of relevance, with the site that is seen to have the most relevance getting the highest ranks.

There are two major aspects of a website that search engine bots look at – keyword usage and backlinks. Keywords are the search terms used by the user when conducting a search. The search engine bot trolls sites looking for these keywords and when it finds matches, indexes the sites that contain them. The way it determines how relevant a site is to a particular search is by looking at the way they are used in the content and its html coding. Backlinks are links from as well as to other sites. The more of these links there are, the more relevant a site is deemed to be.

SEO services also help sites improve the experience a user has when visiting their site. This involves making it easier for them to navigate the site and find the content that they want by optimizing internal links as well as providing ways for them to search for it.

In addition to optimizing sites, SEO services have also expanded to helping businesses establish a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These sites are vital to helping businesses develop relationships with their customers in order to build brand loyalty as well as creating increased promotional opportunities.


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