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If your website is not ranking highly on Google and other search engines, you are only wasting your time and money maintaining it. At SEO Expert Dubai, we make sure that you get the most out of your site with a comprehensive range of SEO services that will help potential customers find you so that you can win their business. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

• Keyword Optimization. Keywords are what search engine bots use to determine how relevant a site is to a user’s search, by comparing them with the search terms they are using. We will ensure that keywords relevant to your market niche are positioned strategically on your site so that search engine bots will rank them highly on index pages.

• Link Building. Search engine bots also use backlinks to determine a site’s relevance; the more links back to it a site has, the more relevant and trustworthy it is assumed to be. We will ensure that your site gets high-quality backlinks from trusted sites instead of cheap directory submissions which could get your site penalized by Google.

• SEO Copywriting. In the world of SEO, content is king and we will ensure that your site has well-researched and high quality content that will ensure that will land it at the top of search engine index pages. And all content that we produce will be optimized with the right keywords, used in an organic way, which will make them even more relevant to search engine bots. In addition we will also ensure that you get fresh content on a regular basis to keep your site relevant and give users a reason to become regular visitors, which will greatly help increase your conversion rates.

• Social Media Networking. These days, when everybody is using social networking sites, your business needs to establish a presence on Facebook and Twitter to reach your audience. Social media enables you to greatly multiply your online presence as well as developing a relationship with your audience so that they will be more open to your marketing messages. Social networking sites are also a great source of links back to your site. We will create and manage your presence on social networking sites so that you’ll be better able to engage with your audience and take advantage of the new promotional opportunities they create. And we will help you manage your online communities in order to develop brand loyalty.

• Mobile Marketing. With an increasing number of people owning mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, having a mobile marketing strategy is essential to your business. Smartphone and tablet users customarily do their searching on the go and you need to have a mobile optimized site that provides them with the same experience they would experience with your regular site. We will create a mobile site for you that is optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices and which loads as quickly as your native site.


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